Our History

In August of 1980, a small group of Christians began discussing the possibility of organizing a new local church in the Winston-Salem area that valued and prioritized the clear, systematic exposition of Scripture. In December of 1980, the group met for the first time. For the next four months, these believers met in a private home and witnessed others joining their group. In April of 1981, Grace Bible Church was formed. Soon the growing church moved its gathering place to the local YMCA. Within a year the church began looking for its own meeting place. On October 24, 1982 Grace Bible Church moved to the former Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church building located at 2252 Queen St., Winston-Salem, NC 27103. Continued growth necessitated the search for a new location.  In June 1992 construction began on the new facility. February 14, 1993 marked the first meeting in the new 11,000 square foot facility.  At this time the church is debt-free.

The church has been served by four pastors in its history. Rev. Jack Hopson served as the founding pastor from 1981 until 1984. Dr. Bruce Little began serving in 1981 as associate pastor, and then as senior pastor from 1984 to July 2001.  Rev. Mike Beasley served as pastor at Grace from August 2002 until January 2003. In November of 2003, the church called Dr. Rich Powell to serve as senior pastor of the flock at Grace Bible Church. As part of our desire to reach the lost and minister to those around the world, we have an established missions ministry, supporting 12 missionaries currently. These missions ministries are international as well as domestic.